Old Saint Paul’s & the First World War

OSP black 3_lines

Nearly 150 names of those who died in the War are inscribed on the wall of the Memorial Chapel, which was specially constructed in the 1920s to honour the men, and one woman, who gave their lives in that conflict. In commemoration of the outbreak of War in 1914, we have initiated a project aimed at finding out as much as we can about these former members of the church.

Across the country, churches and communities were affected by the war. The Memorial Chapel testifies to the extent of the losses experienced by the people of this church: those who lost their lives on the battlefields, and the families and community who mourned them and built this chapel to commemorate them.

We would appreciate hearing from anybody who may be related in some way to one of the people commemorated on the wall, or who has information which would help us in our search. Please contact memorial@osp.org.uk.

Monday 4th August marks the 100th anniversary of the day Britain declared war on Germany in 1914. OSP will be open throughout the day for reflection and prayer until 11.00pm, the time at which four years of war began.

This project also ties into the UK-wide Heritage Lottery fund Understanding the First World War project, and the UK Government First World War Centenary project.


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